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Braw Scottish tours welcome you to experience Scotland’s rich heritage and culture to be found on a journey through the UNESCO Trail. Our blog discusses 13 of Scotland’s UNESCO-designated sites, including World Heritage Sites, Biospheres, Global Geoparks, and Creative Cities. 

Read on to explore the country’s iconic landmarks and diverse landscapes, delving into history, science, music, design, literature, nature, and cityscapes!

The Galloway & Southern Ayrshire UNESCO Biosphere: 

A stunning natural landscape of rolling hills, rugged coastlines, and tranquil rivers. 

Take the opportunity to see rare species of birds and other wildlife, visit historic sites and charming villages, and enjoy the natural beauty of Galloway and Southern Ayrshire. 

The tour will take you through forests, over hills, and along the coast, providing a unique perspective on the rich tapestry of life that exists in this biosphere. The tour will be led by knowledgeable and passionate local guides who will make sure that you have a memorable and educational experience.

Wester Ross UNESCO Biosphere: 

A guided tour of this region will take you on an unforgettable journey through one of Scotland’s most remote and beautiful landscapes. 

You will have the opportunity to explore the area on foot, by boat, or even by bike, depending on your preference. The tour will take you through rugged mountains, along winding coastal paths, and over stunning moorland, giving you a unique perspective on the natural beauty of this biosphere. 

Dundee, Scotland’s UNESCO City of Design: 

A vibrant and dynamic city with a rich history of innovation and creativity. Discover the best of Dundee on a journey through the city’s design heritage and its current cultural scene. 

You will learn about the city’s role in the textile industry, from the jute mills of the 19th century to the cutting-edge contemporary fashion and textile design of today. You will also discover the city’s pioneering spirit in fields such as video game design, animation, and digital media.

Along with your guide visit some of Dundee’s most iconic design landmarks such as the V&A Dundee, a stunning museum of design, and the RRS Discovery, the ship that took Captain Scott and Shackleton to Antarctica. 

Edinburgh UNESCO City of Literature: 

Join a private guided tour to explore the city’s rich literary heritage and vibrant contemporary literary scene. 

The tour will take you through the streets and alleys of Edinburgh’s Old Town, where you will hear the stories and legends of its famous residents such as Robert Burns, Sir Walter Scott, and Robert Louis Stevenson.

You will also have the opportunity to visit some of the city’s most iconic literary landmarks, such as the Writers’ Museum, the National Library of Scotland, and the Elephant House. In this famous café, J.K. Rowling wrote some of the first Harry Potter novels. 

You’ll also have the chance to explore the city’s contemporary literary scene and visit independent bookstores, poetry cafes, and literary festivals.

Glasgow, Scotland’s UNESCO City of Music: 

Your tour of Glasgow will take you on a journey through the city’s music heritage and its current cultural scene. You will learn about the city’s role in the music industry, from traditional folk music to contemporary pop and rock music. 

Visit some of Glasgow’s most iconic music landmarks such as the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, the Celtic Connections Festival, the Barrowlands Ballroom, and the King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, the famous venue where Oasis played their first gig. Along the way, you will also explore the city’s vibrant street art, public spaces, and architecture.

Shetland UNESCO Global Geopark: 

A breathtaking natural landscape of rugged cliffs, pristine beaches, and ancient landscapes that have been shaped by volcanic and tectonic activity. 

A guided tour of this region will take you on a journey through one of Scotland’s most remote and geologically diverse landscapes. Your guide will introduce you to the unique geology and landscapes of the islands and take you on a journey through the history and culture of the local communities. 

The North West Highlands UNESCO Global Geopark: 

Experience the raw power and natural beauty of some of Scotland’s most stunning mountains, pristine lochs, and rugged coastlines. 

Your guide will also introduce you to the culture and history of the local communities and help you discover the hidden gems and stories of this wild and remote area.

The Forth Bridge UNESCO World Heritage Site: 

An engineering marvel and an iconic symbol of Scotland’s industrial heritage. Join your private guide as you journey through the history and construction of this impressive structure. 

Your guide will take you on a journey through the history of the people who built it. You will have the opportunity to walk across the bridge and take in the breathtaking views of the Firth of Forth. 

The Antonine Wall, part of the Frontiers of the Roman Empire UNESCO World Heritage Site: 

A fascinating glimpse into ancient history and Roman engineering. Your guide will introduce you to the Roman Empire and its expansion into Scotland, and the significance of the Antonine Wall as the northernmost frontier of the Roman Empire. 

You will have the opportunity to explore the remains of the wall, including the forts, watchtowers, and defensive structures that were built to protect the Roman Empire from the northern tribes. 

New Lanark UNESCO World Heritage Site: 

A unique example of a 19th-century industrial village, and a pioneering model of social reform. On your tour of the area, you will enjoy the story of the cotton mill village, the industrial revolution, and the social reform movement that it sparked. 

You will have the opportunity to explore the restored mill village and learn about the life of the mill workers and the visionary ideas of Robert Owen, who transformed the village into a model community.

Neolithic Orkney UNESCO World Heritage Site:

A guided tour of the Heart of Neolithic Orkney will take you on a journey of discovery through the ancient people who built the standing stones, tombs, and villages, and the beliefs and rituals that shaped their lives. 

Take the opportunity to explore some of the best-preserved Neolithic sites in Europe and learn about the daily life of the Neolithic people and their relationship with the land. 

The Old and New Towns of Edinburgh UNESCO World Heritage Site: 

Your guide will introduce you to the history of Edinburgh, including the medieval Old Town, the Georgian New Town, and the city’s role in shaping Scotland’s history and culture. 

On your guided experience you will explore the city’s landmarks, such as Edinburgh Castle, St Giles’ Cathedral, and the Royal Mile.

St Kilda UNESCO World Heritage Site: 

A remote archipelago located in the Atlantic ocean. Discover the story of the island’s unique geology, wildlife, and the life of the last human inhabitants who lived there until 1930. 

Join your private guide as together you explore the island’s rugged landscapes, including the highest sea cliffs in the British Isles, and learn about the unique wildlife, including the largest colony of seabirds in the North Atlantic. 

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